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Kip McGrath Education Centres was one of the first educators in the world to understand the potential of computers as a tool of education. KMEC has been instrumental in developing computer based learning models that deliver efficient and effective supplementary programmes.

More parents are turning towards professional education centres in order to supplement their child's education. Kip McGrath provides qualified teachers that individually tailor and conduct suitable work programmes for your child.

Kip McGrath Education Centres have been providing after-school tuition to children around the world for 25 years. The system is modified in each country and is kept up-to-date with the latest educational requirements.

The Kip McGrath Education Centres provide a safe, proactive and stimulating environment for each child, utilising the latest educational and computer resources which has developed into success for many students.

The facts, for you to compare:

Kip Salisbury

Personal Tutor A Competitor

A Qualified Teacher
A qualified professional experienced teacher, knowledgeable in the National Literacy and Numeracy strategies. Teachers are regulated by Kip McGrath UK.

A Teacher or Instructor
An individual who teaches in either your home or their home. They may not be a teacher, have qualified teacher status or qualifications. They are not regulated.
An Instructor
An Instructor trained to monitor worksheets. They expect parents to mark the student's work. Not regulated.
A Dedicated Tuition Centre
A purposed designed Education Centre with exceptional resources and a computer for each student. Unlike our competitors, we promote long term, life long learning and not only short term solutions.
Someone's Home
Held at either your home or their home, with all the associated distractions. Students often find this situation quite over-powering.
Somewhere to Work
Often held in a Church Hall or a multi purpose shared facility.
80 Minutes Lessons
Personalised programmes for each student, targeted at correcting weaknesses, building upon strengths and ensuring a solid educational background.
60 Minute Lessons
Usually targeted at passing examinations. Short term solutions that do not identify problems that must be rectified in order to build a solid educational background.
30 Minute Lessons
Lessons last up to 30 minutes and follow a standard programme of worksheets completed in sequence. Students cannot go back over previous work.
Small Group Setting
Individual lesson programmes for each student within a small group setting of up to five students. Concentration NOT Distraction.
Individual Lesson
Students quite often find this too intense, with the tutor looking over their shoulder all the time and they are too easily distracted.
Large Group Setting
A large group of students studying worksheets in a repetitive manner.
Free Assessment
A free assessment with no obligation. Age specific Mathematics & English Tests. The results of the assessment will be discussed at the time.
An assessment may be provided. Usually they are not. May possibly use past examination papers as tests, which are not appropriate.
An assessment costs £15 or more. It is payable regardless of whether you enrol. It may be conducted by an unqualified, inexperienced instructor.
All teachers have a valid CRB Certificate and must have a professional teacher qualification. We are insured.
There is no security. They may not be insured.
Please check that the instructor or the organisation is insured and that the instructor has a valid CRB Certificate.
£30 for an 80 minute lesson, equivalent to £22.50 per hour - a highly competitive rate for the Salisbury area.
A 60 minute lesson usually costs between £25 to £60 depending upon the level of education required.
£25.00 per hour (£12.50 for a 30 minute lesson)
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