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Teaching English at the Salisbury Centre

Would your son or daughter like to:

  • Communicate both verbally and in writing?
  • Develop their reading, comprehension, spelling, grammar and punctuation skills?
  • Complete homework with greater confidence and less stress?
  • Work in small, motivated groups with 1 to 1 help from a qualified teacher as and when they need it?
  • Reinforce their skills with English homework designed specifically for them?

Progress at School

Being a fluent and confident reader is probably the single most important skill any young pupil needs to make real progress at school. Additionally, the complexity of writing is something which challenges many of the students who come to our Centre. Comprehension, spelling, grammar and punctuation all need to be fully understood and practised at a level appropriate to the individual. If any of these skills are weak it can impact on learning across the school curriculum and cause problems right through to 'A' Levels and beyond. At Kip McGrath we have the expertise and resources to develop ability and confidence in these key areas.

GCSE and Beyond

At secondary school, your child will be learning more advanced skills and knowledge from subject specialists. Much of this information will be presented in writing, either from books, computers and the internet or worksheets. Great skills in reading and comprehension are obviously tremendous assets which enable pupils to make the most of this information.

Their excellent writing skills then allow them to demonstrate their knowledge most effectively.

How can Kip Help?

Some pupils find it really easy to build these skills while others have more difficulty. For those who would like to have some support in a quiet, relaxed yet professional environment, we can help. Skilled, qualified and experienced teachers using the highly regarded Kip McGrath methods and resources, both in written form and using the latest online programmes, ensure that you will soon see rapid progress and confidence building.

Some of the specific issues that many pupils mention when they come for the free assessment include:

  • ‘I am useless at spelling’
  • ‘I never know what to write about’
  • ‘My handwriting is not very good’
  • ‘I can’t concentrate in school; it's too noisy’
  • ‘I don't understand many of the words when I read’
  • ‘I forget about punctuation when I am writing’

Some pupils may have a specific difficulty, such as dyslexia, which makes it more difficult for them to develop some English skills while others may just be lacking a bit of motivation or confidence in their ability. Whatever the problem, you can rest assured that we have seen it before and we have the expertise and resources to rectify the situation. 

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