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Preparing for GCSE Exams in English and Maths.

GCSE Examinations are often a stressful and challenging time for students. Gaining a good grade in both English and maths is vital to ensure either a continuing education, training or even a job interview.

At Kip McGrath, our qualified and experienced classroom teachers are specialists in these key subjects and will guide your son or daughter through all the techniques and skills required to secure that all important grade.

GCSE English
Would your son or daughter like to:

  • Develop greater competence both verbally and in writing?
  • Develop their reading, comprehension, spelling, grammar and punctuation skills?
  • Complete homework with greater confidence and less stress?
  • Work in small, motivated groups with 1 to 1 help from a qualified teacher as and when they need it?
  • Reinforce their skills with English homework designed specifically for them?
  • Develop a greater understanding of poetry and prose close analysis?
  • Practise examination techniques?

Success at School & Beyond

Good skills in English are essential in many areas of the secondary school curriculum; they allow pupils to accurately extract information from written sources and then to express themselves effectively.

A good English exam grade shows future employers and Higher Education tutors that they will be able to handle the demands of their work with confidence.

As well as their importance in school, many people regard good English skills as essential to success in life in general in our modern society. They are a basic requirement for most jobs, allow us to communicate well with our friends, family and colleagues and help us to appreciate many of the finer things in life. In addition, prospective employers increasingly demand a high level of both written and spoken English.

How Can Kip Help?

Some people find it really easy to build these skills while others have more difficulty, for those who would like to have some support in a quiet, relaxed yet professional environment, we can help. Skilled, qualified and experienced teachers using the highly regarded Kip McGrath methods and resources, both in written form and using the latest online programmes, ensure that you will soon see rapid progress and confidence building.

Some of the specific issues that many pupils mention when they come for the free assessment include:

  • ‘I really don't like poetry’
  • ‘I don't really understand the questions’
  • ‘I am worried about getting a good grade as I need it for University’
  • ‘I can’t concentrate in school; it's too noisy’
  • ‘I don't really enjoy reading’

Some pupils may have a specific difficulty, such as dyslexia, which makes it more difficult for them to develop some English skills while others may just be lacking a bit of motivation or confidence in their ability. Whatever the problem, you can rest assured that we have seen it before and we have the expertise and resources to rectify the situation.

GCSE Maths
Would You Like Your Son or Daughter to:

Grow in confidence with their maths work in school?
Approach maths homework with more enthusiasm and less stress?
Work in a small group without distractions with plenty of opportunity to practise maths skills?
Receive 1-1 support from a qualified teacher when they need it?
Reinforce their skills with maths homework designed specifically for them?
Fill the gaps in their understanding of key concepts?
Practise exam papers and techniques to develop confidence and ability?

Success in School

Being in the 'Top Set' in maths at secondary school is little more than a dream for many students. In our experience, most of the problems at this level are rooted in misunderstandings and incomplete knowledge from a much earlier time in the student's maths career. At Kip McGrath we identify the problems, teach the concepts again and thereby rectify the situation. From here we take each student forward at their own pace and introduce new concepts which are part of the GCSE curriculum.

Success in Life

How often do we hear the cry from prospective employers that young people are 'no good with numbers'? A good grade in maths is a prerequisite for most jobs today and here at Kip we have all the expertise and exclusive resources to ensure success at GCSE level.

The specific issues that many pupils mention when they come for the free assessment include:

  • ‘I read the questions but don’t know what calculation I need to do’
  • ‘I’ve never really understood fractions / decimals / algebra/ Pythagoras/ percentages / geometry'
  • ‘My teacher doesn’t have time to explain it to me’
  • ‘I can’t concentrate in school’
  • ‘I need good results to get into university'
  • ‘I’ve never been any good at maths’
  • ‘I can't keep up. I need more time'
  • Many pupils simply lack confidence or motivation and once this improves, rapid progress is often seen as a result. 
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