Teaching maths at the Salisbury Centre

Does your son or daughter need to:

  • Develop greater confidence with their maths work in school?
  • Complete maths homework with more enthusiasm and less stress?
  • Work in a small group without distractions and with plenty of opportunity to practise maths skills?
  • Receive 1 to 1 support from a qualified teacher when they need it?
  • Reinforce their skills with maths homework designed specifically for them?

Progress at School

Many children are very concerned about their maths work in school and see themselves as "failures" when it comes to the subject. For this reason, confidence building in maths is an intrinsic part of the work that we do at Kip to support your son or daughter. This confidence then enables them to approach new maths topics with a positive attitude rather than a feeling of failure and panic. Very quickly you will see a new approach to maths both at home and in school as your child learns that doing maths is actually quite straightforward and even fun!

Solid Foundations

The skills that your child learns in their early school years provide the foundation upon which the more advanced work is tackled during secondary years. Many parents are keen to make sure that their children have a sound grasp of these basic number skills before they move on to more complex, specialist tasks in secondary school.

How can Kip Help?

Some students find it really easy to build these skills while others have more difficulty; for those who would like to have some support in a quiet, relaxed yet professional environment, we can help. Skilled, qualified and experienced teachers using the highly acclaimed and exclusive Kip McGrath methods and resources, both paper based and online, ensure that you will soon see rapid progress and confidence develop.

Some of the specific issues that many pupils mention when they come for the free assessment include:

  • ‘I can’t do multiplication or division’
  • ‘I don’t understand decimals or fractions’
  • ‘My teacher doesn’t have time to explain it to me’
  • ‘I can’t concentrate in school; it's too noisy’
  • ‘I’ve never been any good at maths’
  • ‘I just seem to nearly understand one topic when it’s time to move on to the next one’

Many pupils simply lack confidence or motivation and once this improves, rapid progress is often seen as a result.